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Essential Planning FOR PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL

Preparing for the unexpected while you are away from home is important. Should death occur while traveling, transporting your remains from a distant location to your funeral/cremation provider can be complicated, costly, and stressful to your next-of-kin.

Adding our Travel Protection Plan to your funeral plans lifts the burden from those you love. One phone call is all it takes.

Our transport facilitators will make the arrangements, and pay the costs so your family won’t have to.

Why Travel Protection is Important FOR YOU

Travel Protection Plan benefits save time, stress, and cost for your next-of-kin should your death occur while traveling away from your legal residence. At a time of shock and grief, your loved ones make just one phone call to our professionals who immediately begin arrangements with one of our authorized, out-of-area providers.

How Do We Assist?

In the event of death of a member who is more than 75 miles away from his/her legal residence at the time of death, Reliant Travel Protection, LLC will render every assistance needed, including;

  • Locating local funeral home or direct disposition facility
  • Arranging for transport from place of death to funeral home/disposition facility
  • Preparing remains for transport
  • Purchasing minimally required casket/air tray for transport
  • Arranging and paying for transport to city of legal residence
  • Securing all documents for shipping including one death certificate